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In Belfast, Northern Ireland (photo from the North Belfast News)

A special announcement: My book, "Swimming From Under My Father" is available. Click here for more.

Welcome, you're at michaelokeefe.com, my website. Of course, you already knew that. Now, let me tell you something you may not know. The website is set up to tell you about my work as an actor, writer, and director/producer.

The other thing I'm into is Zen Practice. I belong to a group called The Peacemaker Circle. You can check out our website here and see what we're about. I've been working to bring Zen Practice to Belfast N. Ireland for the last several years. I wrote a piece about my work there that you can find on the page listed as "Zen."

Initially, I was ambivalent about starting a website but after putting one together I found I liked it. Occasionally old friends would stumble across it and check in and then others who were into my work would do the same and we'd correspond. I enjoyed being in touch and answer all the emails myself. Click Here to email me.

So here it is in its third incarnation. My fellow Zen practitioner, Paul Wear, is the webmaster. He's designed it to be as simple yet as interesting as possible. I'll keep you updated about my professional work and Zen Practice. Any questions, comments, or insights are welcome. Click here to email Paul

You might also want to connect to my Facebook page.

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