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My new book, "Swimming From Under My Father," is available now at Amazon.

Here's a link to an mp3 of an interview I did on Sheena Metal.

There's a self interview and a poem over here at thenervousbreakdown.com.

The book is also discussed by Michael Lally over at Lally's Alley.

The online poetry rag "Pif" is advertising the book here

You can listen to a reading from the book done at the DePaul Univ. Humaities Center with Chris Green and Christina Pugh via iTunes by going here at DePaul Univ. Click on "Visit DePaul University on iTunes now." Then click on the link to sign on as a guest. You'll want to download "New Works of Poetry 10-15-2009."

Others have this to say about the book:

Thomas Carlyle wrote, "Mirth resting on earnestness and sadness, as the rainbow on black tempest: only a right valiant heart is capable of that." Michael O'Keefe's Swimming From Under My Father gives us narrative poems that bring humor and loss into wondrous relation. There's an ease of voice here, and a reverent irreverence that evokes the Beat Poets' vibrant, jivey spiritual energy. ("Burn your maps Baby. The path: ashes.") Alcoholism, deceit, love, forgiveness, regret, death; Noah's Ark in the California desert, goofball Zen koans and an octogenarian Romanian rabbi hitchhiking: it's all here, handled with a hard won sense of the absurd. Never ponderous, the poems are buoyed by clarity and candor. This book contains some of the best poems about losing a parent I have read, poems from "a right valiant heart."          —Amy Gerstler

The poems in Michael O'Keefe's collection, "Swimming From Under My Father" are a testimony to the double edge of trying to navigate a way out while also attempting reconciliation. While his music is borne out of the observed life - the larger project is of whatever one can make out of the dance between souls, kin or otherwise. Ultimately, and despite some harrowing relationships, it is O'Keefe's own voice that carries the day' - his response to Pound's "Poetry is news that stays news" is "You are the news!"          —Sophie Cabot Black

These are compellingly accomplished, earned poems that reveal a world both precisely felt and observed, the product of a distinctly disciplined perspective and a wealth of experience. Michael O'Keefe's poetry is a genuine gift for which I remain deeply grateful.          —Sam Hamill

Michael O'Keefe's poems are agreeably cosmopolitan and witty, and his voice is authentic/contemporary. I'm particularly impressed by a sequence of father poems which is both unusual in its compositional strategies and very moving.          —Ed Ochester

If you would like to read the press release right click here and choose "save link as" or "save as" or "save" depending on Mac, Win, or browser type ;-). It is in .doc format.


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